Weekly Homeschool Roundup - 9/21/19

It’s HOT here - high 90s most days.

I don’t know about you, but oppressive heat makes me sluggish and cranky. We’ve been struggling to keep our attitudes in check around here (just being honest).

If it’s hard for me to maintain a good attitude, then I need to think about what I’m requiring of my son and the balance we have between schoolwork, extracurriculars, etc… And, am I stealing his joy by requiring too much, or am I teaching him good skills of perseverance and fortitude?

I wrote a post about all of this, and then, when I shared the post on Facebook, one commenter so perfectly added:

A balance is called for here - much of the Christian life is described as a death to our flesh and selves, a carrying of our cross daily. It is totally ok if joy appears as bursts and not the staple of every day. But if there have been no bursts.... investigate, dig deep and repent(change direction).

What I love so much about the homeschool lifestyle is that we constantly have the opportunity to investigate, dig deep, and change direction. Because our children are always changing, our homeschools must always change.

It’s exciting to know that we can give our children just what they need, isn’t it?

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup for the week of 9/21/19

Here are this week’s picks - an encouraging podcast, a post from me, something we love to do in our house, a fun (and free) activity for your younger children that my big STILL talk about, and what I’m reading right now.

I love sharing with you this way - I hope you’re finding these roundups helpful!

  • The Ruthless Truth About Being a Mom

    Do you know Alicia Hutchinson? I love her! She is honest, relatable, and a wealth of information for moms.

  • Are You Stealing Your Homeschooler’s Joy?

    I wrote this earlier in the week after a bit of a “joy epiphany” I had Monday afternoon.

  • Puzzle Therapy

    We always have a puzzle going - it’s something we all enjoy and I love that we can just stop by the puzzle table at various times during our day. Our most recent Bedtime Stories puzzle is getting framed because I love it so much!

  • Thornton Burgess Character Cards and Coloring Pages

    Do you have littles? We used the Burgess Animal and Bird Books for Children when my kids were young. The Silvan Reverie has some free printables that go along with some free Burgess stories online. Just lovely.

  • Currently Reading

    I am a long-time member of the Book of the Month Club. I can always depend on their selections to resonate with me - and the beautiful hardback books just look beautiful together on my shelves.

    I chose This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger for September. It has a Huckleberry Finn/Tom Sawyer adventure quality, while also packing in a lot of history about the 1920s and 30s and an Indian Boarding School in Minnesota. The characters are endearing. The writing is simple and beautiful. If I am taking time to read I feel good investing my time in books like this!

Did you encounter a good thing this week?

Let me know about it in the comments below!

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup for the week of 9/21/19