Weekly Homeschool Roundup: 10/5/19

Last weekend we traveled to Chicago for a family wedding.

We were the only homeschoolers in attendance, and I had a few good conversations with people about homeschooling - particularly how you handle homeschooling during the high school years.

In the past I would have left less than confident - perhaps questioning the validity of homeschooling high school. This time, however, I was confident in our decision to homeschool and could articulate WHY we homeschool.

(Have you read From Homeschool to College? I think it’s helpful.)

The biggest takeaway for me? We homeschool for the HEART. Academics are secondary.

In this crazy world, it is important to raise young people who want to contribute, who value others over themselves, and who will be a caring, compassionate voice in a hurting world. Homeschooling gives us a unique opportunity and I am thankful to be on this road.

The Weekly #Homeschool Roundup - 5 Things You Can Use

On to the 5 things for this week - enjoy!

  • Have you read Becoming Mrs. Lewis?

    It is the story of Joy Davidman, who became CS Lewis’ unlikely (late in life) wife. The book was one of my favorites last year! The author has begun a podcast, giving us a behind the scenes look at the story. In addition to this being a wonderful story to escape into, it also teaches us so much about the life of CS Lewis.

  • Math Update

    My youngest has been using Shormann Math for two years. In short, the video teaching, SAT prep, Biblical focus, and accelerated content is what convinced me to make this change. It is going VERY well so far. Almost all of the young people in Grant’s Challenge I class are using Shormann!

  • Spanish

    Another curriculum update: Grant has started Homeschool Spanish Academy classes. All I can say is wow. It is by far his favorite subject this year - the one-on-one instruction and the engaging curriculum has been a winner. We will definitely be continuing with a second year.

  • 15 Educational Pumpkin Activities

    The Pumpkin Slime is my favorite, but I can see your younger kids enjoy all of these activities. It seems that the fall was our best memory-making time when the kids were little.

  • Homeschooling Will Not Save Them

    “No amount of Latin lessons, Bible memory songs, or classical literature can do saving work. To the family just beginning the journey of home education, may God bless you as you educate your children for the glory of God. Only please remember, it is no guarantee. Our homeschooled children may leave our homes serving Christ, or they may not, but our exceedingly great reward is Christ.”

I loved having my family together last weekend - Anna is back at school now, so the house is a little more quiet again.

It’s an odd adjustment to have one gone after homeschooling them. I have cried many tears, but it’s getting easier. Mostly I’m just so happy and excited for her. Homeschooling set the foundation and now I will continue to be her biggest cheerleader.


How was your week? Any good resources you want to share with me?

Leave a comment below!

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup - 10/5/19