Weekly Homeschool Roundup 10/26/19

Life must be lived as we homeschool, and oftentimes life is complicated and emotional.

Over the years I have become increasingly thankful for the flexibility homeschooling provides. In our first couple of homeschooling years, I was stuck to the idea of a “school” schedule, and when the events of life got in the way of our studies I would try my hardest to carry on with school.

I learned my lesson.

Sometimes, real-life IS school.

Attending to the matters of life with grace and diligence teaches our children to do the same. Putting some things on hold to take care of others teaches our children about priorities.

This week I’ve been caring for my elderly father in Florida. He had surgery Monday and is home and doing well. I am treasuring the time to just be with him.

I have been gone all week. My husband is home and supervising school, and I have been helping via text and phone as I am able.

To be very honest, I have put my thoughts of homeschooling on the back burner so I could be fully present with my dad.

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup from Homegrown Learners 10/26/19

Actually, while I have been sitting with my dad I have had a chance to peruse Pinterest for fall homeschool ideas. I am doing things I would never do at home in the midst of our busy schedule. So, that’s been fun.

And, of course, I have been planning, writing, and mulling over music appreciation lessons in my head. this

Don’t you love this beautiful tree? It is a Banyan Tree - found in a garden of hope and happiness at the hospital where my father had his surgery. These trees amaze me.

Garden of Hope and Happiness

5 Good Homeschool Finds

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup at Homegrown Learners

Did you have a good homeschool find this week?

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