Weekly Homeschool Roundup: 11/1/19

What a week!

With sickness, rain, and technology mishaps I am ready to close the books on this one and look forward to next week!

We’re heading to my daughter’s college this weekend to see her perform in her first University Chorus concert. I’m looking forward to her showing us around her new town and surroundings. Plus, it just makes my heart happy that she is doing something musical in college!

As I compile these good things for you each week it always reaffirms our decision to homeschool. I love being on the quest for truth, beauty, and goodness. I love sharing ideas and struggling with hard things. We have been gifted with this time with our children and I want to help you make the most of it!

Weekly #Homeschool Roundup - 11/1/19

Enjoy this week’s list - I think this is my favorite homeschool roundup post yet!

“It may not have been the intuitive path, but I do think in its way it actually really helped me for some of the challenges that I encountered in my career.”

  • US Attorney General Speaks About Classical Christian Renewal

    I read this full speech aloud to my husband last weekend and we agreed we hadn’t heard anything quite this good in a LONG time. I wish this would have been more publicized in the mainstream media.

  • Words Change the World

    Because I have been reading so much (follow my reading life here) I have become quite interested in words. As homeschool parents, we need to realize the immense power of WORDS, and we need to make every effort to educate ourselves and engage with our children in this area. I’ll leave you with this:

We must teach our students and our children to enchant other souls with the beauty of words and allow them to both sustain us and transform us as we do. Words are how we change the world.

Did you find anything good this week?

Share it with me in the comments below?

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