Welcome to College

We have recently had a lot of discussions with our children about television and how some shows, while seemingly "entertaining" and "socially relevant" seek to promote beliefs that aren't in line with our Biblical beliefs.

Can you relate?

What are we to do in this world that is hostile to raising Godly children?

The solution isn't to shelter our children from all of this - they have to live in the world.  

One of our biggest prayers for our children is that they grow and mature in their faith through their teen and early adult years.  

We spend literally YEARS trying to live as examples of God's grace, teach our children the beautiful stories of the Bible, provide them opportunities for mission and service, and surround them with Godly role models who helps us instill a deep and meaningful faith in God and his abundant mercies.

The truth is, however, the world wants to tear that faith (and all of our best efforts) down. 

Help Your Teen Keep the Faith

*I was provided a copy of Welcome to College in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and I never promote anything our family doesn't use and believe in. This resource is one I HAPPILY endorse and it is a blessing in our home. I was not compensated for this review.

Our children are bombarded at every turn with things the world deems "acceptable", "normal" and tells them that if it feels good - go for it!

It makes my head hurt just thinking about how HARD parenting a teen is in this age of social media, tolerance, and immense social pressure.

But here is the GOOD NEWS!  Sometimes you just KNOW God is moving in your child's life - doing a mighty thing. And many times, God equips us to provide our children with exactly what they need. 


Raising a Teen Isn't Easy

Homeschooling our teens can helps us fight the faith war we face each and every day. 

It isn't, however, a guarantee that our children won't face hard situations, cultural battles, and doubts.  Homeschool kids are just as susceptible to problems as other kids.

And, I believe parenting is uniquely difficult in this generation because of the emergence of social media and the quick dissemination of anyone's ideas - which our children sometimes accept as truth.

A wise author I have recently had the joy to get to know (more on that in a minute!) was just telling me that in the teen years the "protection" phase is over.  We can't protect our children from the things they will see and experience in the world.  We can, however, "inoculate" our teens and equip them to defend their faith and function in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christians.

We can no longer PROTECT, but we can INOCULATE.  (really think about that)

Once I heard that statement it completely changed how I thought about parenting my oldest - now 15. 

Help Your Kids "Keep the Faith"


My first line of defense in raising my children has always been prayer (and LOTS of it during the teen years).

I am also witnessing how God graciously provides the resources and people to help my husband and I raise strong, Godly children - to INOCULATE them. 

Today I want to share one of those resources with you - and you will want to add this resources to your parenting toolbox!

Welcome to College by Jonathan Morrow

Recently, I have had the joy of getting to know the author, Dr. Jonathan Morrow.

Jonathan's family is on the homeschooling journey with us. Our children are friends. Our families are friends. We are fortunate to be in such a supportive homeschooling community.

If you have a teen, you need to become very familiar with Jonathan's website and all of the wonderful resources he is providing for parents of teens - and for teens themselves.   (He offers a free download: Top 10 Biblical Worldview Resources for Teenagers.)


I first heard Jonathan speak in his role as Director of Cultural Engagement & Immersion at the Impact 360 Gap Year.   As time progressed and we began to form a relationship with Jonathan's family, I discovered what a wonderful resource he is not only for my own family, but for ALL families who wish to equip their children to maintain and defend their faith in their high school and college years. 

Jonathan wrote Welcome to College in 2008 and has revised it in 2017. I have been savoring every single chapter in this recent version - and also reading some chapters aloud with my 15 year old. 


These topics are HARD to discuss with our kids. Sometimes we avoid them because they are hard.

But if we do that, the world will infuse our children with its beliefs. Thank goodness for Welcome to College and the dialogue it generates and the questions it answers.

The book is geared for students contemplating college, students in college, and those of us parenting them through it all. It makes a perfect graduation present, too!

I am more convinced than ever of the importance of the high school and college years in setting the trajectory for a life of following Jesus. There are real intellectual. moral. spiritual, and relational challenges. Students need to know what they believe as Christians, why they believe it, and how to live it out. Just because a student goes to church or attends youth group doesn’t not mean they are ready to follow Christ in today’s culture
— Dr. Jonathan Morrow / Welcome to College

Questions tackled in the book include:

  • How do you grow spiritually and follow Jesus on campus?
  • How do you manage your time to both study well and have fun?
  • What about peer pressure and alcohol?  Dating and sex?
  • How do you deal with doubts and challenges to your faith?
  • With so many beliefs out there, how do you know Christianity is really true?

Some of the chapters include Dealing with Doubts, Trusting the Bible, Preparing for Campus Life, Christianity, Homosexuality and the Bible, Unplugged and Offline, and a Christian View of Alcohol.  

There is so much goodness in this book - because our children are going to face so many of these issues as they leave the sheltered environments of their homes.  We must equip them with truth and how to speak that truth into others! 


So let's go back to the original question:  What are we to do in this world that is hostile to raising Godly children?

I think a great place to start is reading Welcome to College with your teens - you won't be disappointed. Let's keep them firmly pointed towards their faith in our loving, gracious, and merciful God. 

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