Our Typical Homeschool Day: Scheduling Classical Conversations at Home


We are six weeks into the school year. 

I always prefer six weeks of "grace" when adjusting to a new school year. The best laid plans at the beginning of the year can often go awry after just a month. 

Our homeschool this year consists of two Classical Conversations students: my 9 year old son, Grant is in Foundations and Essentials.  My 13 year old daughter, Anna, is in Challenge B.  

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Schedules & Assignment Lists - What To Do?

We have taken varied approaches to homeschool in the past three years.

I have fluctuated between being somewhat of a Classical task master, to embracing my inner Charlotte Mason.    I can see a distinct advantage to each, depending on the situation.

I've been struggling with the question:  Is sticking to a schedule a good thing or a bad thing?  More specifically, is sticking to a schedule of assignments a good or bad thing?  

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