10 Best Toys For Little Boys


There's just something about little boys and their toys that is wonderful.

The organization, imagination, and creativity that goes into my little boy's playtime is astounding. 

Now that my son in 8 years old, he's been through a few "stages" of toys. As I look back, however, it's just been a few toys he's loved and focused on in his life. 

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Can We Start School, Please?

 The kids and I are looking forward to school starting for many reasons.  Summer break is needed and enjoyable, but there comes a time when we NEED to get back to business.   Our first "official" day will be Tuesday, July 24.  Miss B's birthday is July 23 - so we can't start then!  

It's good to have a sense of purpose, and by the end of our summer hiatus I'm not feeling very "purposeful"!  

The school year is "roughly" planned... I have some large goals for us as a family and for each child, and I've made sure to plan more wisely than I have in the past.   In short, I'm ready to get started!    

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