10 Best Toys For Little Boys


There's just something about little boys and their toys that is wonderful.

The organization, imagination, and creativity that goes into my little boy's playtime is astounding. 

Now that my son in 8 years old, he's been through a few "stages" of toys. As I look back, however, it's just been a few toys he's loved and focused on in his life. 

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His favorite toys (you know - the ones you will never give away or sell at your garage sale!) have some things in common:

  • They aren't electronic.
  • Most of them involve BUILDING of some sort.
  • All of them lend themselves to imaginative play.
  • They transport my son into another world.
  • Several of them make good "collections".

This Top Ten List will take you through those toys, and Grant has rankd them from his "least" favorite (if there is such things as "least"!) to most favorite.


10. Erector Set

We have the  basic Erector building set for ages 8-88.  This toy stands the test of time and inspires my young builder. It's also something he and my husband love to do together.  (My son's granddaddy gave this to him for Christmas and told him HE played with Erector sets when he was a boy.)

Earlier this year Grant made a Medieval Catapult to go along with our history studies!

9. Magneatos

These are great from toddlers all the way up to elementary school children. The magnetic balls, rods, and curves, lend themselves to HOURS of imaginative play.

Grant received for Christmas when he was three, and they still are kept in a bin in his bookshelf and are played with often. 


I'm not talking about just any old cars - I mean all the characters from the movie CARS. 


Grant's collection of these is extensive, and the story behind that is quite funny.

I potty trained Grant thanks to Lightning McQueen. Lightning (a.k.a. my sister-in-law) would call Grant when he reached a potty training milestone. Lightining encouraged Grant to be a big boy and use the potty. 

I shamelessly rewarded my son with Cars for almost every milestone between his second and sixth birthdays. He has nearly 100 Cars and plays with them on a daily basis.  (We have all of the die cast cars, not the cheap plastic ones they make now.  Maybe Grant can go to college from the proceeds of these!)

He was inspired to read with all of the I Can Read Cars books. 

No joke. 

He knows all of the CARS by name. He used to watch the movie, line up all the cars in front of the television, and bring them out in the exact order they would appear in the movie. 

We thought his obsession with Cars would last forever (until he fell in love with toy #1 on this list!).

7. Lincoln Logs

Handed down to us when my oldest was a baby, this a favorite for both of my kids.

These are particularly great when you're studying American history.

OK. They're just great any time, aren't they?

6. Little People

The Little People still make an appearance every now and then in my son's play time. 

His favorite was always the tractor and Noah's Ark. These toys will be saved for HIS children. 

5. NERF Guns

What's not to love about NERF wars? My son has one of the HUGE NERF Guns with a bandolier for his darts. He also has a new fangled disc shooter that provides hours of fun. 

I ordered targets and they tape them up on the fence. Easy entertainment! {It's math, too - I make Grant add up his scores!}

4. Lightsabers

We go through phases with these. They usually get played with a lot after Grant has been sick and has been watching Star Wars movies all day! 

I know I'm his mom, but I think he has some serious skills with these things. Maybe one day he'll get to go to the Jedi Training Academy!

3.  Amaze 'N' Marbles

This building toy has seen hours and hours of play with both of my children.


The amount of concentration, thought, and planning that goes into building with these wood blocks is invaluable. 

If you have a little boy in your life, you must be sure he has this toy.

2. Basic Wood Building Blocks

I have collected three sets of building blocks over the years. We keep them in a large crate and pull them out weekly for creative play. 

Again, if you have a little boy (or a little girl, for that matter!) I think some basic wood building blocks are the best investment you can make. 


.... and the #1 toy for little boys (according to my son, Grant) is (did you have doubt?) LEGO bricks!


1. LEGO Bricks

Of course LEGO Bricks are the #1 choice in our home.

Visit my LEGO Learning page to see why we love them so much. Download printables, view our favorite resources, and explore the world that is LEGO.

As a mom, I have some favorite LEGO items. 

LEGO Architecture Sets - Amazon often has these on sale, and they are a GOOD deal.

LEGO Education® StoryStarter - Simply amazing for creativity and writing!


The LEGO Calendar  - a HUGE favorite in our house. Need I say more?

LEGO Creationary - a totally fun LEGO game!

LEGO Education® Simple & Motorized Mechanisms - provides HOURS of learning opportunities


What are YOUR favorite toys for little boys?