Meet The Students


Taking back to school pictures is always a fun time for us.

Last year we blocked off a parking space at iHop on our first day of school and took our pictures there.

I loved those pictures.

This year I was hoping my sweet father in law could do this with us again, but he hasn't been well. It didn't feel right to continue this tradition without him, so I decided to make a new tradition - a first week of school field trip.

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A Day-in-the-Life of Homegrown Learners

I've had a few readers ask me to explain how we "fit everything in", or "what does a typical day look like in your homeschool?".  This post will show how I try to schedule our days to accomodate a rigorous education, but still retain enough time for pursuit of interests and also much needed rest.   

I will also share with you a very SIMPLE way I am keeping records this year!  

The goal of this post is to ENCOURAGE you - not to make you feel like you aren't doing nearly as much as me - because believe me, there are days when I feel that we have not accomplished much of anything. There are also days when I feel we have knocked it out of the park.   We have highs and lows just like everyone else.    

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