Cool Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Boys

I am here here to make shopping for the pre-teen boys on your list a breeze.

After all, aren't they one of the hardest people to shop for?  They always seem to have it all.

Well, I am here to tell you it is not that hard, especially with this list of cool gift ideas for pre-teen boys. 

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Cool Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Boys

Gifts for Pre-Teen Boys

Robots: Technology has given us a huge advantage in the toy department. Especially when it comes to robots. Here are a few of our favorite robot picks for pre-teen boys.

  • Cozmo: Program this little guy to stack up blocks and knock them down. 
  • Star Wars BB-8 Droid: Control this robot with your mobile device or.... you could just use your voice!
  • MiP Robot: This robot can find his way around without running into objects. He's also pretty talented at following hand gestures. 

Drones: These guys are all the rage lately. The best part about buying a drone as a gift is that there are a variety of options, and price ranges. Take a look at our favorite picks. 

  • RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter: Complete stunts and tricks with this drone. It comes with a variety of replacement parts and an extra battery for extra long playtime. 
  • One Drone with 2K Camera: With a GPS and 7 inch screen, your pre-teen boy will flip over this gift. This one is the perfect choice for the kiddo who has experience flying a drone.

Gaming, Accessories, and More: Every pre-teen boy loves to play video games. Here are a few gift ideas that will up their gaming skills.

Cool Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Boys

Clothing:  Clothing might not be the first thing your preteen boy will ask for, but these gifts would sure make them happy!

  • I've Got Your Back Shirt: This shirt is just funny - people always stop my son and ask him where he got this shirt!
  • Under Armour American Flag Shirt: Boys love Under Armour, and this patriotic shirt is perfect.
  • SOCKS!:  Yes, socks. You've seen all of the boys wearing the very colorful socks.  Here you go - they will love these!

Nerf Guns: This classic gift sure has come a long way. There are a variety of different models to choose from. 

Sports & Camping Equipment: Pre-teen boys love to play sports. Giving them new sports equipment will brighten their entire year, plus, it gets them away from the electronics and out into the fresh air. Take a look at our favorite sports picks. 

As you can see there are a lot of different gift ideas for the pre-teen boy on your list. From video games to sports equipment, I hope this list has helped you find the perfect gift. 

Do you have any ideas to add?  Share them with me in the comments.