Top 20 Gifts for LEGO® Lovers

By now you all know what huge LEGO® fans we are around here. Since the holidays are right around the corner, what better time to share our incredible list of gifts for LEGO® lovers.

These LEGO® gift ideas aren't your ordinary LEGO® building kits. There are items you can use every day, such as this Build On Brick Blue Coffee Mug. You will also find creative ways to store LEGOs®. 

Read on to discover the perfect gift... you might even find something to give yourself!

Top 20 Gifts for LEGO Lovers


1. Build On Brick Blue Coffee Mug: Keep mealtime interesting by building while you eat. What a creative foundation to build upon. 

2. Klutz LEGO® Chain Reactions Craft Kit & Book: Build moving machines with your favorite building brick. Great way to get kids to think outside of the box. 

3. LEGO® Mini Figure Head Lamp: Shine light on any situation with this adorable head lamp. The light shines from the bottom of the mini figure's feet. 

4. LEGO® Colored Marker Set with Building Bricks: LEGO® lovers will be able to draw and color with pens that can sport their favorite minifigure.

5. LEGO® Erasers: You will need to pick up a set of these erasers to go with this set of LEGO® Writing Pencils. Both of these gift ideas have a space for you to add your own LEGO® pieces. 

6. LEGO® Time Teacher: Learning how to tell time just got to be incredibly fun! This kit comes with a clock, watch, and activity cards. You can also choose between pink or blue. 

7. The LEGO® Ideas Book: Does the LEGO® fanatic on your list need some new building ideas?  This book has ideas that will keep them busy for a long time to come!  (This book is a PERSONAL favorite of my son!)

8. The LEGO® Architect Book: Discover different architecture styles through the eyes of LEGO® creations. 

Top 20 Gifts for LEGO® Lovers

9. LEGO® Reindeer Holiday Ornament Bauble: Deck out the Christmas tree with this adorable ornament. Don't forget about Santa

10. LEGO® Cinch Bucket: Keep LEGO® pieces in their place with this easy to use cinch bag.  

11. LEGO® Storage Box:  Use this box to keep all of the pieces in their place - or you can use the box for just about anything you would like. It would make a super cute "gift bag", too!

12. LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia: This LEGO® gift ideas has a wealth of information about all of the different LEGO® superheroes. 

13. LEGO® Ninjago Sky Pirates Mini-Figure Alarm Clock: This clock is in the shape of a mini figure, but it is much larger. Perfect addition to any bedroom. 

14. Building Bricks & Mini Figure Molds: Create edible LEGO® pieces by making ice cubes or candy with the help of these molds. 

15. LEGO® Salt & Pepper Shakers: It's time to introduce LEGO® to the kitchen and what better way to do that than with this set of salt and pepper shakers. They will make a subtle, yet bold statement. 

16. The LEGO® Neighborhood Book: Build a neighborhood complete with sidewalks, lights, and more with this books that is full of LEGO® building inspiration. 

17. LEGO® City Advent Calendar: This is something we use each and every year during Advent - a different LEGO® surprise for each day of Advent. Perfect!

18. LEGO® Minifigures Random Pack: This mysterious mini figure won't be revealed until it is unwrapped. Mix and match a few different packages and make it a really exciting gift. There are a few different mini figure packs to choose from including LEGO Monster Minifigure and LEGO® Minifigures The Simpsons Series.

19. Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO® Minifigure: Mash-up! Book: You can create some silly mini figure stickers with this book. 

20.LEGO® Blueprint Poster: Get an inside look at the LEGO® brick with this blueprint poster Protect it with a frame that will give this LEGO® gift a long life.

Did you find the perfect fit for the LEGO® lovers on your list? 

Share your favorite gift ideas with me in the comments below!


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