Gifts for Kids That Love To Read

It has always been my goal to raise children who love to read.

Books are always the FIRST thing I buy for my children when birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions roll around. 

We have built our family around a culture of books, and that brings me such joy. 

This year I have been researching fun gifts for my children who love to read. If YOU have a bookworm on your gift list, check out these unique gift ideas to help your children foster their love for reading.  

Gifts for Kids that Love to Read

Gifts for Kids that Love to Read

Reading Log: Keep track of all the books you read with this reading log. There is a place to track time, author, and even a book review. 

Dr. Seuss Reading Quote Engraved Wooden Bookmark with Tassel: Wise words from a wise man. All on a simple little bookmark. 

Rolling Bookshelf: Set up a reading nook anywhere with this bookshelf on wheels. Add an XL Bean Bag Chair to the mix and you have the perfect spot to dive into a new favorite book. 

Floating Bookshelves: Give books a home... that you can't even see. 

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader: Kids will have a library at their fingertips with this gift. 

Solar Powered Power Bank: Keep those Kindle Paperwhites E-readers charged without the worry of needing an electrical outlet. 

Multi Tasking Laptop Bed Tray: Keep your book, Paperwhite, or other reading materials right over your lap for a very comfortable place to read. 

Audible Membership: Listen to stories being told with this clever gift for kids that love to read.

Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Necklace: The perfect way to remind all those around you how powerful books can be. 

The Little Prince Canvas Tote Bag: Every bookworm needs an easy way to carry around their favorite books. 

Haikubes: Roll the dice and create the perfect Haiku. 

Bring Your Own Book Game: With the use of any book, create advice, and funny names straight from the text. Perfect for some hard belly laughs. 

Gifts for Kids that Love to Read

Bookends: There are so many bookends to choose from. Depending on what they love, you can find a variety of different characters. Some of our favorites are; 

Literature Posters & Prints: Deck the walls with literature prints that will light up any room. You can choose from a variety of different options including; 

These gifts for kids that love to read will be met with warm smiles, eager minds, and grateful hearts.

What gift idea is your favorite? Did we forget one? Share your ideas with me in the comments.