Favorite Family Games

Does your family have a regular game night?

We try to hold game night regularly in our home - especially as the kids get older it's important to stay connected and just have FUN. 

If your kids have a streak of competitiveness in them like mine do, I'm sure you have found game night to be loaded with laughs and great times (and maybe sometimes tears and defeat!)

Our basement game closet is full of a variety of games that the whole family loves to play. I have put our list of favorite family games together to help you discover some new favorites, and maybe even bring some classics back into your home.

(If you love playing cards, don't miss our favorite card games.)

There is a little bit of everything for everyone. Take a look at our favorites! 

Favorite Family Games 

Favorite Family Games 

Our Favorite Family Games

  • Ticket to Ride: Hop on a train and go for an adventure across the county. 
  • Settlers of Catan: The island of Catan is waiting to be explored. 
  • Blurble: This tongue twisting card game is fast moving and a ton of fun to play. 
  • Say Anything Family Edition: Where everyday questions are met with some silly answers. 
  • No Stress Chess: Teaching kids how to play chess is a great way to for them to learn how to plan and strategize. It also teaches patience. This chess set makes it easy to play for the beginners. 
  • Reverse Charades: A twisted version of the original charades game... instead of one person acting out the clues, a team of players acts them out for one player. This is a great group game to play. Perfect for sleepovers too. 
  • Face Off Card Game: You can only communicate with other players by the sounds that are on the cards. Tons of fun for younger and older kids. 
  • Classic Yahtzee: Still one our favorites. Not only is it a ton of fun to play, kids really have to put on their thinking caps for this game. 
  • Bounce Off Rock n' Rollz: You will need to perfect your hand eye coordination for this favorite family game. 
  • Monopoly: No matter how many times we have played this game, it always ends up being an entirely new experience. Great classic to always have in your game closet. 
  • Scrabble: The perfect way to practice spelling. Keep a dictionary close by for easy look ups. 
  • Risky Adventure: Go on an adventure and discover artifacts in different locations. 
  • Ubongo: Use geometry to solve the puzzle!
  • Tri-Ominos: If your family likes to play dominos, then this the perfect addition to your game stash. 
  • Sorry!: This game really teaches patience. 
  • Jenga GIANT Family Hardwood Game: This jenga set can reach up to 3 feet high! 
  • Tumult Royale: Gather your resources, claim land, and build.... just be careful. If greed starts to settle in you could be facing a war. 
  • Beat the Parents: It's kids versus parents in this board game. Who will win in your home?
  • Trivial Pursuit Family Edition: There are cards for both kids and adults included in this game. Great way to include everyone in the family. 
  • Scattergories: Come up with as many category names for your topic.... the only twist? The categories have to start with the letter on your dice! Way to get creative. 


Favorite Family Games

Did any of your favorite family games make the list? Share your must have board games with me in the comments. I know we can add some more to this list!