What Does it Take for You To Feel Ready?

I always strive to get "ready" for the week to come... it actually feels like I'm spending the whole weekend preparing. When the weekend began my husband and I had a pretty big to do list, but guess what? The stars aligned, we all worked together, and it all GOT DONE!

This weekend has been very stress-free, fun, and productive. I thought I'd make a list of what I've accomplished that makes me feel ready to tackle a new homeschooling week (well, really just tackle a week in general):

  1. Everyone's laundry is done and put away
  2. The grocery shopping has been done and the menu planned for the week
  3. The house is reasonably clean and organized
  4. We finally cleaned and reorganized the pantry
  5. Everyone got to work out over the weekend - Miss B practiced her tennis with dad today, while GMan and I walked/jogged and played basketball
  6. We had a great dinner tonight - Crustless Spinach Quiche (check out the blog it came from!) Thank you to my husband for being the chef while I ironed and folded laundry.
  7. I know what everyone is tackling for school this week... especially grateful for a space lapbook Miss B will be working on!
  8. We all had a chance to rest and recharge today!

Now, I know this doesn't guarantee a wonderful, stress-free week, but it sure makes me feel like it's off to a good start. What does it take for you to feel ready for the week?
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