Multitude Monday #261-280

I'm so happy to blog each Monday about what I am thankful for.... got this idea from A Holy Experience, and it has really enriched my weeks! I encourage you to join the Gratitude Community as well. Here is my list for the week:

I am thankful for:

261. a supportive husband who is truly my best friend in the world
262. creativity
263. baby Noah
264. Columbus Day (we are taking the day off of school today!)
265. flavored creamer for my coffee
266. orange lights for Halloween on my front porch
267. repaired relationships
268. forgiveness
269. little tball players
270. a nine year old daughter with a HUGE creative spirit
271. age - with it comes wisdom
272. voice mail
273. helpful librarians
274. Words With Friends (Scrabble) notifications on my iPhone!

275. anything by John Mayer
276. an upcoming trip to the mountains
277. HUGE orange pumpkins with a little cow holding them!

278. Chickpea salad (random, I know - but I LOVE it!)
279. the freedom to spend my days with my two sweet children - homeschooling has been an amazing blessing to me!

280. new blogging friend

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