Multitude Monday #281-300/ Special Link Up to a post you MUST read!

I love each Monday because I get to list what I am thankful for -- today I went to A Holy Experience (where this gratitude project started) and read their post for the day. You should read it - not IF you get a chance you should read it - you should just take the time and read it. It is entitled "Why our losses belong to our song of gratitude" - it really moved me today.

On to my list; I am thankful for #281-300:

281. parties - for specific reasons, and just for no reason at all
282. a quiet spot to read to my five year old this morning

283. children who willingly did their math today (I have one who isn't always so willing!)
284. green grass sprouting my backyard as the front yard is going dormant
285. star gazing
286. friendships that are so natural.... I have just a couple and I am grateful
287. a daughter who yesterday told me that she told her good friend, "Of course I tell my mom my problems, that's what moms are for."

288. found pieces of gum at the bottom of my purse
289. watching a baby's first time with a balloon
290. a special opportunity we have this Christmas
291. the $40/month we are saving by canceling our home telephone number
292. my children's eagerness to share their Bible verse from the week with their dad when he is finally home with us on Saturday morning!
293. a son who loves to read

294. new homeschooling friends - for myself and my children
295. my co-op class of five and six year olds - what a great age!
296. CAKE!
297. shrimp cocktail
298. leaves changing
299. a husband who blows and rakes all those leaves :-)
300. the chance to express my gratitude each week

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