The Best Book I've Read in Some Time

I wish I could remember which blog I was reading when I discovered the book Good and Angry. I would like to go back and thank the blog author profusely for recommending a book that is beginning to change the way my children and I relate to each other.

This book, with the subtitle "Exchanging Frustration for Character... In You and Your Kids", is a biblical approach to dealing with our anger as parents, and also helping our children deal with their anger and frustration. What I appreciate most about the book is the solid grounding it has in scripture. Each chapter has a Bible study, with tons of verses for you to read and analyze (as well as memorize with your children), and at the end of the chapter there is a "Bringing it Home" section with an activity you can do with your children. I just can't say how much I love this book!

I wouldn't say we huge behavior problems in our house, but it was the ATTITUDE that was getting to me.... not being cheerful when mom asks you to do something really was driving me nuts and making me angry. I also have a five year old who is practicing for the world whining championships. In just the first few days of reading the book I learned to teach my children to:

  • come when called (sometimes I was an expert at barking orders up the stairs at my kids) and then make my request
  • obey immediately and ask questions later
  • Do everything without arguing or complaining (Philippians 2:14)
I do read a lot of parenting books, but it is rare that I find one that is solidly grounded in the Bible and offers practical solutions I can use immediately. I won't be passing this book on when I'm done reading it - because I want to keep it on my shelf!

While I was reading last night I highlighted one specific passage that I'd like to share with you:

Pay attention to the friends, media, and activities that influence your children, realizing that attitudes are more often caught than taught. Remember that God is interested in your child's heart, and you are partnering with him to help your children develop godly attitudes about life.
(p. 129)

If you keep a reading list I would suggest you add Good and Angry right at the top!

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