Do Homeschooled Kids Wear Their Pajamas All Day?

Today at The Homeschool Village the topic is school uniforms..... do we require our children to be out of their pjs to start the school day? In our house we have a routine every morning that consists of getting up, making beds, getting dressed, eating breakfast, chores, and then begin schoolwork. We hardly ever skip the getting dressed part - unless someone isn't feeling well or if we've all had a really late night the night before. Even on those occasions we are usually dressed after breakfast and on to a productive day. I have never felt good about myself if I am in my pajamas until lunchtime - I guess it has something to do with the Type A home I was raised in, and my husband is the exact same way.

Just because my children are home educated doesn't mean they should be exempt from many real world standards, and I feel like getting up in the morning and doing your "job" is the real world. I spent almost four years of having my daughter ready for the school bus at 7:15 each morning, so we are no strangers to an early morning routine. I'm proud of the fact that each of my children get out of bed each morning and get themselves ready without arguments or dawdling. (It's me that usually has trouble with this! ha!)

I must admit that one of the perks to homeschooling, however, is that we don't worry so much about what we are wearing. My daughter, especially, likes this part because she isn't one to be very concerned about what she is wearing, and in public school by around the second grade she was starting to feel pressure to dress a certain way. Most days as long as the kids are in clothes that are neat and clean I don't care what they wear. On days when we have a special class or co-op I might break out the iron and good clothes, though. I think I'm saving money on the kids' clothing and I know I'm saving a lot of hassles.

This picture is from a recent "Wacky Tacky" day at our homeschool co-op. My children don't dress like this most days, but it was fun for a day!

Do you have a particular policy or feeling on the subject of getting dressed for school? If so, share your thoughts at The Homeschool Village by linking up today or leaving a comment on their post!
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