A Quick, Fun Art Project

My poor children were dragged through Hobby Lobby last week for over an hour - while I was picking some decorations for a party we had last weekend. In an attempt to keep them engaged and happy, I told them we could pick an art activity for this week - something that would cost less than $5 for each of them. Once we got to the aisle with all of the wood crafts they started to brainstorm, and decided they should make door hangers for their rooms. I was pleased at how it all turned out, with very little help from me!

I really loved the wood capital letters they chose - and a huge bag of them was $1.99! They have adhesive on the back and we can use them for lots of other projects, too.

While this didn't coincide with any of our curriculum, and it's not a "fall" craft, I just love the fact that my children chose the activity and did it without my help. I love it that we have time to be creative, and I love that they worked together and agreed on the project. Oh, and sticking to the $5 budget was a good lesson as well.

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