Supermom? Not really.

When I first contemplated homeschooling I remember my mother (who knows me very very well!) telling me to be sure I took enough time for myself, because I would be unhappy if I didn't. You see, I had a few years of having both children in school and was used to coming and going as I pleased. I love to bargain shop, and would check TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Michael's , and a host of other stores regularly. I also thrived on volunteering and was very involved with our church and both of my children's schools. I had a Supermom cape and wore it regularly (with pride). I did it all... or so I thought.

Since I have been homeschooling my life has changed a lot. I have struggled with the change. It really hit me when my children and I were having lunch with a dear friend. She's a friend from my "old" life who has come right into my new life with ease. We were talking about children's clothes and she said something about going to Gymboree. I said , "Where's a Gymboree around HERE?" (the closest one I know of is 45 minutes away) She laughed and told me there was one in a shopping center about 10 minutes from our house! It has been there for several months. How did I miss this?

I know how I missed it. I've been homeschooling - A LOT. I just don't go out shopping anymore, and to tell you the truth I don't really miss it. My bank account doesn't miss it, either.

Change is hard, isn't it? I heard a song yesterday on a local Christian radio station that said "There's a storm brewing inside me and I know it's meant for good". That's me. I've had a storm brewing inside me for the past year and slowly I feel changes taking place for good. My family is happier, my daughter is actually a child again, and our whole outlook on life is so much more grateful. Oh, I don't volunteer as much now (well, really I volunteer for my OWN family!) and I certainly don't know where all the good sales are - but in the scope of eternity does that really matter? What matters are the seeds I'm planting in my own home that will last through generations.

Today I'm taking a "personal" day of sorts. I have an excellent babysitter coming and will go to a dentist appointment, hair appointment, and yes.... shopping a little bit. But guess what? I never do this and I'm also leaving lesson plans! (really, I am.) I also have really been looking forward to today - in the past this would have been any normal day for me. When I get home I will teach piano lessons and afterwards meet good friends to address invitations for a baby shower we are hostessing. So, the old Mary isn't gone, she just has had to make room for the new homeschooling Mary - and I think that's the more of the person God wants me to be.

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