Tag, You're It! I Want to Know...

Tristan from Our Busy Homeschool tagged me with a fun blog activity (Thanks Tristan!). There are 8 questions for me to answer, and then I will tag 5 people to answer 8 questions I think up. Here I go!
  1. What is one food or meal you love to eat that your family does not enjoy, so you don’t make it often? Chinese food! No one in my family enjoys it... in fact, my husband once sat a different table than me when I ate it in the airport because he can't stand the smell. Weird, huh?
  2. Tell me one thing you swore you would never do when you were a parent, but since having children of your own you have actually done. I said I would always have a clean car and never ever let my children have snacks in the car. Think again!
  3. What character issue is God working on in your life right now? Trust.
  4. What is your favorite household chore? How about your least favorite chore? My favorite chore is dusting and vacuuming. I actually like to see things get clean. My least favorite is cleaning out closets and organizing drawers.
  5. As a homeschool mom, what is one area you feel you do well in, and one area you struggle with? I think I do very well coming up with creative and fun activities for my children. I really struggle with follow-up - and sticking to a regular schedule.
  6. Would you rather eat health food or exercise regularly? I would really rather exercise, but sadly, as I approach 40, I think both are necessary for me to feel good and keep the weight off.
  7. What is one thing you love about your husband, and one thing that drives you bonkers? I love my husband because he supports me unconditionally. He is always my number one cheerleader and puts up with a lot of my quirks. It does drive me crazy that he won't try Chinese food (see #1 - ha!) and that he keeps a very rigid schedule and gets pretty flustered if you disturb it.
  8. When your kids all leave the nest what is one job you would like to try in all your free time? I wouldn't mind expanding my piano teaching business or even going back to teaching elementary school music. Even though I homeschool my own children, I loved teaching music in the public schools.

My eight questions for those I’m tagging, with my own answers in parenthesis, are:

  1. If you could have a whole day just to yourself, what would you do? (I would go the pool and lay around and read my book - maybe get a pedicure and massage, too!)
  2. What is one "guilty pleasure" you have? (I love to watch The Young and The Restless and Mad Men - they are both fairly mindless television shows, but they are soooo good!)
  3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (I wish I was a more patient person with my children. I'm working on it, but it's very difficult for me.)
  4. What is your favorite music? (Even though I was a music major in college and LOVE classical music, I have to say that I like John Mayer and some other contemporary artists just as well!)
  5. Who do you admire most in this world? (I admire my mother - she is a caring person who give so much of herself for others... and I happen to think she was a great mom, too.)
  6. What is your favorite subject to teach in homeschool? (I love history because of all the great literature it involves.)
  7. When is the last time you cried? (I cried last Thursday as we welcomed friends home from China with their newly adopted little boy.)
  8. Who is the last person you hugged? (my son - I was gone this morning and he gave me a huge hug when I came home!)

Now I get to tag five other people and give them a list of eight questions to answer.

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