My Sunday Project (which includes Pumpkin Cappucino Chip Muffins!)

For the past several months my Sundays have been getting away from me. We get home from church and Sunday school around lunchtime, and by the time everyone is fed, the laundry is under control, grocery shopping is done and things are in place for the new week I feel exhausted and not at all like I want to feel on a Sunday. So, all week last week I told myself today would be different. And guess what? It WAS.

After a great church service and Sunday school classes for all of us, we came home and heated up some pizza. My husband went outside to do yardwork, Miss B went to play with some neighbor kids, and GMan did his Sunday ritual (playing Mario Kart). I had some quiet time to myself!

Here is my completed project of the day:

This china cabinet used to be in my house when I was growing up, and after we got married my parents gave it to my husband and I. Over the past year it had gotten dusty, cluttered, and just out of control. I had a really good time cleaning it out today, and sharing a lot of the memories inside with Miss B.

This pitcher was hand painted by a woman in the church I grew up in - she gave it to me before I got married.

This cute little guy was on one of my husband's birthday cakes when he was a little boy. A few years ago my father-in-law had a beautiful cake made for him that included this same topper again. It was very sweet.

This is just one of literally hundreds of egg cups I have in a collection from my mother. When I was a little girl we spent many hours in antique stores hunting for egg cups. Sometimes when I pull one out I can even remember the story behind that particular one. I have most of them at my home, and like to display some of them in my china cabinet.

This plate is from Camp David, where my brother was the chaplain during George W. Bush's presidency. My husband and I visited Camp David and it was such an amazing experience.

This crystal eagle was given to me when I left my first teaching job. Our school mascot was the eagle. This is so important to me because it was at this job that I discovered what I really LOVE to do (teach music to children). In the background is a plate I received as a wedding gift. Whenever I take cookies or goodies somewhere I try to use this plate - it is called a sharing plate.

I love all of the family pieces and memories in this cabinet. I need to USE the things in here and not just let them collect dust! As we use them I want to tell and retell the stories behind the pieces. It are these types of things that help our children feel grounded in such a hectic and uncertain world.

After this project was finished I made some Pumpkin Cappucino Chip Muffins. They are wonderful! If you want the recipe, go to this blog and get the detailed instructions. I wanted to find a few recipes for Thanksgiving that would be a little different (and kid friendly, as well). I'm having a house full of company this year, so I'm wanting to come up with simple recipes everyone will enjoy.

We're settling in now as the day is coming to an end. I keep wandering into my dining room and admiring my project, and the house still smells good from my other project, too! It was a GOOD day.

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