10 Computer Resources for Kids to use during a "break" from school

We don't plan to do formal "school" the week of Thanksgiving, but I plan to offer some activities to keep the kids busy and learning even during our break. I've gathered 10 computer resources and hope you can use some of them, too!

We just got this in the mail and played around with it a little today. So far it seems excellent, and I read nothing but good reviews about it. My fourth grader needs some concentrated work on her keyboarding skills, and I'm hoping the time between now and Christmas will get her up to speed. I think my almost six year old will benefit from it, too! You can download it from the internet or order a physical copy. (I ordered a copy because it was cheaper - I just had to shop around for a deal.)

2. Read, Write & Type

My Kindergartner has already completed ten levels of this awesome program! It has given him such an awareness of phonics rules and he's also keyboarding really well. I'm impressed with the whole program. It is just for the younger set - for new or emerging readers. My son loves the characters in this program - and the virus, Vexor, is just so fun for him! It is more on the pricey side, but it's been worth every penny! You can order it online for a five year subscription of $35.00 for one user, and $55 for two users.

OK.... the rest of the resources are FREE!

3. Dance Mat Typing

This is a great FREE online typing program from the UK. My then eight year old daughter did the whole program last spring and just loved it! The characters are funny and speak in a thick British accent. Typing is fun and you can print certificates at each level. This is the best free typing resource I've found out there.

4. The First Thanksgiving @

This site is full of things to explore for Thanksgiving - appropriate for kids Pre-K- 12. I really like the Voyage on the Mayflower section!

5. American Girl

For girls only! This site never fails to have some great things for the girls to do. We liked the Holiday History section that is currently up at the site. There's lot of other quizzes, games, etc...

6. PBS Kids

This site is bookmarked on our computer. Most of you have probably been to the site, but if you haven't, be prepared for so many wonderful things for the younger kids in your house!

7. Sheppard Software Math Games Online

All of these games are free and great for math drills and just fun in general. Sheppard Software has a whole site full of activities for kids, so take some time and see what you want your child to do. So far we have just done the math games, because I don't want my kids to get overwhelmed with all the choices!

8. Online MadLibs at

My kids love MadLibs, and we found a site where you can play them online! has a lot of good games that keep my kids busy while learning at the same time. That's good in my book.

9. The Number Ladder Game

I made a post about this last summer, and what a great resource it is. We play with traditional cards and face to face, but you can play online by yourself. What fun! AND, what an awesome math activity. You need to check this one out for yourself!

10. Grimm's Fairy Tales Online

You can let your little ones watch and listen to many fairy tales, as well as play games. This looks like a good site. My kids haven't been on it yet, but I looked around and plan to bookmark the site for them to use next week.

Leave me a comment if you have any computer resources I might be able to use - I know I've probably missed some great ones!

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