Multitude Monday #381-400

Once again I'm linking up with A Holy Experience to blog about the many things for which I am thankful.... I hope you go to the site to see the many blessings it has to offer!

What I am thankful for #381-400

381. being able to choose my favorite music to download, thanks to an ITunes gift card from my sister!
382. the music of John Williams
383. a quiet evening alone with my son
384. My son saying to me (as we're taking the dog for a walk), "Mommy, isn't that moon beautiful?"
385. finally.... a good family picture!

386. canned pumpkin (and the Libby's recipe on the back for pumpkin pie!)
387. being able to spend time with family I haven't seen in a long time
388. My dad - Happy 80th birthday!

389. a very wise friend who always makes me happy when I see her
390. my daughter's Sunday School teachers.... and their creativity with Bible lessons
391. leaf piles, and my children working together to build a huge one this afternoon
392. jellied cranberry sauce
393. people who forgive easily and don't hold grudges - it's rare to find someone like this
394. a pack of marbles given to my son this week by a special lady
395. wisdom gained from listening to older family members
396. my daughter's "best friend" - her dog, Gizmo
397. people who give without expecting to "get"
398. singing old fashioned church hymns
399. symphony orchestras
400. the unconditional love my husband shows to his family - I want to be more like him.
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