New Nature Resource

This week we are learning all about bears. After reading about them in our Burgess Animal Book (which I blog about all the time - this is an awesome book!), both of the children expressed an interest in bears, so off we went! In addition to checking out tons of books from the library about bears, we also have been reading Winnie The Pooh and Paddington. We are all in love with these sweet stories.

Last weekend, during our trip to the Appalachian mountains, I found the greatest book about bears! It is part of the Discovering Nature Library series and is called Discovering Black Bears. It is full of many activities to help children learn about a bear and its habits and habitat. It includes a story and board game. The best thing about it - it was just $8.95! We have started going through the book and I'm so impressed with how well done it is, and how interesting it is for my children. Other topics in the series include wolves, sharks, salmon, earthquakes, volcanoes, and ancient forests. I know I've missed some, so go over the website to see what they have.

I just love how homeschooling brings life and learning together - well, really they are beginning to be seamless for our family. We read about bears in one book, start researching bears, go to a place where lots of bears live, then find a fun bear resource while we are there. If you have any great resources you have used when you learned about bears, can you let me know?? I'm always on the lookout for new things!
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