Christmas Piano Recital

Miss B's Christmas Piano Recital was this afternoon. Here is a clip of her playing... I had to splice the videos from my iPhone. In this video, she and I have just finished playing a duet together. I love being able to do this with her! She will be playing "Angels We Have Heard of High". She is unflappable in a performance situation. If she is nervous you would never know, and she always shows a lot of poise for someone her age. I was really a proud mom today.

Here is "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" - a duet with Miss B and I!

She was so blessed to have her granddaddy there - he never misses a recital! The new interim pastor from our church and his lovely wife also were in attendance.... they hardly know us and took the time out of their schedule to support Miss B. I was very grateful. Miss B's special friend, Noah (in the picture below) was also in attendance with his mother. I thought Miss B played very well - and when the recital was over we all went to Steak 'N Shake to have a celebratory milkshake! Life is very good.