Multitude Monday #441-460

Several things have impacted me over the past couple of weeks - a wonderful sermon at church, quiet devotions with my children in the morning, the many Christmas books we have read, and good talks with friends and family. There is so much to be grateful for in my life. Today, in particular, I was tempted to be dragged down by forces outside of my control, but when I sat down to write about my blessings it all came so easily, and my mood lifted. What a gift it is to blog about gratitude each Monday.

What I am thankful for:

441. the ability to set goals and work little by little to achieve them
442. my husband - who leads me in these goals and inspires me
443. beautiful Christmas music this morning by Andrea Boccelli

444. support from a good friend today
445. a fun morning for my children at Christmas camp
446. our church, Word of God Lutheran
447. a group of five sweet little girls who have been ringing chimes together the past few weeks
448. an uninterrupted hour laying on the couch with my children and finishing a book
449. grandparents

450. the Children's Liturgy at our church -- we have just a handful of children, but so many ways for them to be active participants in the life of the church

451. time this week to have a breakfast with a good friend, and lunch with my husband!
452. Angry Birds (I'm officially addicted!)

453. my daughter's gift of playing the piano - her dad and I are so proud of her
454. health for a college friend... she is a breast cancer SURVIVOR and I am grateful
455. fond Christmas memories (I love the little bare feet in this photo!)

456. an interim pastor at our church
457. our new Godson, Noah, and the miracle of his life now compared to what it could have been like as an orphan in China. God is so very good.
458. Peppermint Bark
459. Fantasy Fudge
460. The Mystery of Christmas