Great Kindergarten Resource!

I am researching curriculum options for my to-be homeschool Kindergarten student. One thing I know we will be doing for certain is Five In A Row. Both of my children do almost all of their learning through reading and being read - to. So, this literature based curriculum is right up my son's alley, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if my soon to be nine year old gets a lot out of it, too. So far, the expenditure for this has been $35! (Well, I confess I did have a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble for several of the story books.)

Something my son has been doing in his preschool this year is writing his letters and numbers. I want this to continue, because he needs work in that area. He reads very confidently and can do simple addition and subtraction, so we don't need to focus a lot on those things just yet. His teachers send home pages to write letters, etc... and I decided I would visit the website they come from. It is a site where you need to register, but everything is FREE. So, head on over to Learning Page! There are printables for all of the letters and numbers, and even cute units on money, time, math, oceans, space, etc... I think we will get quite a few things from this resource next school year.

I am also stocking up on art supplies for next year: lots of googly eyes, feathers, foam squares, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, stamp pads, paints. Wow - I just love the Dollar Tree! They even had Planet Earth animal coloring books for $1. My son loves to color, so these will be great.

My plan for Kindergarten is pretty simple. I want to read read read. I want my son to read read read. I also would like to expose him to as much of God's creation as I possibly can and talk about it all along the way. Add in getting better at writing his numbers and letters and I think we're about set! :-)