Books and More Books!

Yesterday I had the chance to go to a Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale.... wow is all I can say! If you get the opportunity I think it is well worth the time and money to go. Most of the books were 50% off the already low prices, and then through their website I printed out a coupon for additional money off.


One of my favorite books that I got there was "The Pout Pout Fish". If you have a pouter in your house (I happen to have one who has obtained pro status!) this is such a cute book. Up until now we had been affectionately referring to his as "Willy Whiner", but I think Pout Pout Fish will be our new name! I love it!

Another group of books I found was "The 39 Clues". This seems to be for the 'tween crowd. My daughter began the first one two days ago (a neighbor loaned it to us) and I found the rest at the warehouse. There are several of these books, along with the website where the kids can use their clues to win prizes. Looks like fun.


If you are a fan of Froggy, then your little guy will like "Froggy Plays T-Ball". This was my son's bedtime story last night, and he has been chanting the little rhyme about running the bases all day! We love love love Froggy!

As we go through some more of the books I purchased I will share them with you, but just wanted to let you know about the book sale. See if there is one in your area!