Our Homeschool Space

Up until this point, we have been homeschooling in our breakfast area.... and while it is a lovely area with a bay window and huge window seat, it's just too hard to get the table cleared every evening for dinner, etc... Our supplies are also beginning to overtake the downstairs. So, I have been in the process of changing where we do "school". The upstairs of our house has a large bonus room, which has been used as the children's playroom/family room. It has a sleeper sofa and entertainment center. Additionally, it has a large closet and a huge walk-in attic space. In the next few days I will post pictures of the space - it is almost finished as our schoolroom and I am so excited! Here is a little sneak peak of the closet (and excuse the boys playing Wii in the background!):

See the organized closet in the background! I got these nickel bins (scroll down to the sixth row, second item from left!) from Target to organize books and I love them! I also have a place in the closet for all of the children's games and art supplies we have. The room had a bulletin board when we moved in, but it needed the cork board replaced, so I have done that and now it is usable again. I already had a bookshelf in the room, which will house all of the current curriculum supplies we are using, and each child has their own work table by a window. These are two lucky kids!

I will post pictures when the space is complete (hopefully by the weekend).