The End of a Fun Week

This week has been a quiet one for me since the kids have been in Vacation Bible School each morning. Normally I would be right there with them volunteering in some capacity, but this year I selfishly needed the time to organize some things around the house and have some time to myself as well. So, while the children were on their High Seas Expedition, I got my van serviced, had a pedicure, almost finished the homeschool room, and deep cleaned the kitchen and organized the pantry. It feels like I accomplished so much more once I put it into writing!

To culminate a week of fun (I knew they would be a little sad when I picked them up today) I packed a picnic lunch and we headed to my sister-in-law's house to swim in the pool for the afternoon. As we pulled up it was storming, but we ate in the screened in pool house and listened to the summer storm - which was so peaceful. After about 30 minutes the storm clouds passed and they were able to swim, or should I say DIVE. I think they spent the entire time going off the diving board. I just LOVE summer! (oh, I and apologize for the image quality - it comes off my dinosaur iPhone -- I think I need a new phone, don't you??