Summer PE - Swim, swim, swim!!

Another summer of swim lessons has come to a close. My children are disappointed and my husband and I are disappointed, too. I think we must have the best swimming teacher in the whole world! What will the children do each Monday and Wednesday from now on..... SCHOOL, I guess!

Miss Betsie has been giving lessons to children in our area for almost twenty years. For the past two summers Miss B and GMan have been refining their swimming skills. Miss B is on a synchronized swim team with Miss Betsie and GMan takes regular swimming lessons.

I'm so proud of what they accomplished this year. GMan was wearing floaties last year and afraid to go in the deep end. This year he dives from the board, swims the full length of the pool and gets dive sticks from the bottom of the deep end. What a vast improvement!

Miss B worked very very hard on her synchronized swimming team this summer. She is getting lots better at diving, and does front and back flips in the pool - plus it's difficult to "synchronize" with everyone else. I love it that she has to really listen and pay attention at each practice to succeed. Work can be FUN!

We already signed up for next summer's lessons - that's how popular this teacher is. You have to reserve your spot a year ahead to get in! I count this as another one of our many blessings!

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