Wednesday - What's for Breakfast?

Normally I'll post what's for dinner on Wednesday nights, but I'm going to change today and give you breakfast for tomorrow, because I had the BEST breakfast treat while we were on vacation (and also because tomorrow's dinner is not exciting) . My sister is very good in the kitchen, and she served us this tasty little treat one morning. Everyone loved it - and Miss B and I even convinced GMan to try it this morning and he loved it, too. So, pay attention:

First you start with a piece of cinnamon raisin bread (I like it toasted, but it doesn't have to be):

Then, spread a thin layer of Marscapone Cheese on the bread:
(oooooh, and I found out all the great things you can make with Marscapone when I googled it today - fun fun!)

Finally, drizzle with honey.

It is so yummy - I felt like I had to serve it with the obligatory banana or strawberries, but in actuality I could eat about 5 slices of this and be happy! This morning I restrained myself to one piece - so good, aren't I?

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