Our Next Row - "Lentil"

I am so excited for this week because GMan's Five In A Row book is "Lentil" by Robert McCloskey. I have no doubt that Miss B will also benefit from the week's activities as well. The story is so engaging and there are just so many points to take off from and explore! We tried something new tonight - reading the book at Sunday dinner (so dad can hear, too) and talking about it as a family before we really immerse ourselves in it this week. By the way, we have these placemats of the United States for the kids to use at dinner so we can always be talking about geography!

Here are some of things we have planned to go along with the book:

  • getting out our harmonica and learning to "play" it
  • activities about Ohio - lapbook elements from Homeschool Share.
  • math word problems - also from Homeschool Share
  • experimenting with the science of sound
  • singing "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"
  • exploring our sense of taste, particularly sour lemons! (I am so excited about this because we are making a lemonade layer cake for dessert one night this week and inviting my husband's father for dinner. He grew up in a small town, much like the one in "Lentil". He also plays the harmonica and is a veteran. If you know the story, you know how perfect this will be to have him share some activities with us!)
  • making homemade lemonade for snack one day
  • talking about what life was like in a small town in the mid 1900s versus what life is like now/lots of Social Studies connections

Once again, the FIAR teacher's guide has tons of great suggestions, and once we read through the book my kids even brought up things that we could study as well. I'm looking forward to this "row", and I'll let you know how it goes!

Have you rowed this book? Let me know if you have and what you loved about it!
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