Multitude Monday #101-120

holy experience

Seems like I have a lot to be thankful for over the past week - I am constantly amazed at how God knows just what you need and when you need it! I am grateful for...

101. the ability to resist temptation
102. ceiling fans (it's almost 100 degrees here!)
103. The Atlanta Braves
104. a son and daughter that genuinely enjoy each other's company

105. Silly Bandz
106. Broadway musicals
107. little girls giggling and playing
108. my husband's job
109. patience
110. a new faith opportunity this week
111. mentor moms
112. God's promises - new each morning
113. hot popcorn
114. a good movie on a rainy afternoon
115. hot pink nail polish
116. the song "Ordinary Miracle"

117. knock-knock jokes (even ones that don't make sense, told by a silly five year old)
118. the Tooth Fairy
119. my ability to play the piano - always makes me happy
120. lazy afternoons with not much to do

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