Not Back to School Blog Hop - Student Portrait Week

This week at Heart of the Matter it is Student Photo Week. I thought it was funny that one of my mom's first questions when we started to homeschool was, "Will I still get a school picture?". It's funny what we rely on "school" for sometimes, isn't it?

So, these are for you, mom -- probably not the same Lifetouch portraits we've had in the past, but I think they've got character.

Here is my big girl, Miss B. She is a deep thinking, compassionate, dramatic soul. Reading, swimming, and music are her three favorite things.

Her brother, GMan is all boy and a BUNDLE of energy. He has so much to say and says it as loudly as possible. Baseball, swimming, and mastering the Wii are his three favorite things.

This last picture is my favorite - it sums up the bond they have with no words.

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