A Keeper Art Activity

Art earlier this week turned into a two hour fun time - it was one of those homeschooling moments that are beginning to occur a lot these days. I pulled out a few supplies for the kids and told them we were going to make birthday cards for grandma. We began at 11:00 a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. I had to make them clean up so we could eat lunch and run some errands.

This book is great for independent activity (by that I mean w/out mom's help!) - the thumbprints are cute and easy, and it seemed that my nine year old loved making them and helping her brother make them, too. What I loved was the step by step process they had to follow to make their favorite characters. My daughter really was good at guiding her brother through this part - better than I could have done, I think.

The pip squeaks markers were a birthday gift to my daughter. They have a fine point and are little, cute, and perfect for doing the details on the thumbprints.

The stamp pad has just enough colors.

And don't forget the wipes so you don't have a huge mess on your hands!

The finished masterpieces. I was impressed.

I got the book and stamp pad from Amazon and it was a great investment - $13 for the two. A word of advice: give your child quality art supplies. I let them use my good scrapbooking card stock and the good ink pad. If they have a few beautiful supplies to choose from I think it inspires them more and the finished product just looks better.

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