Our Book Party - Lentil


This week we have been rowing Lentil. Something about this book really struck a chord in all of us, and it has been an enjoyable week reading the book each day and doing fun activities. Last night we invited my father-in-law and sister-in-law for dinner and the dessert was our made from scratch Lemonade Layer Cake, and it was GOOD! It didn't take too long to make, and the kids helped me every step of the way. We discovered the grated lemon rind in the cake and the frosting really made the taste.

As we were at the grocery store getting the final preparations yesterday (fresh flowers per my daughter's request, and napkins with lemons on them) I found the kids talking to the cashier and man bagging our groceries about our party and about lemons. The cashier remarked what wonderful children they were and where did they go to school. Homeschool - score 10!


Before we ate dinner the kids and dad acted out Lentil. My son played the part of Lentil (the boy, complete with harmonica playing) and my daughter read the book. My husband was the town curmudgeon, Old Sneep. I wish I had gotten a video of him wearing a silly hat and sucking on a lemon - it was priceless! It got a lot of laughs, and the kids had fun time performing for their family. Here's a brief synopsis of the story from good reads:


Lentil cannot sing or even whistle; longing to make music in some fashion, he provides himself with a harmonica and practices constantly wherever he is, especially in the bathtub, because there his tone is improved 100 percent. A book that, along with its fun, truly illustrates the American scene.

I could kick myself for not taking more pictures last night, but I did get a few before our guests arrived. Once everyone was there I was busy getting dinner on the table, organizing the actors, etc.... You know how it goes.


My daughter loves setting a pretty table, and I think it's getting to be a lost art, so here's our table:

GMan sampling a lemon - he's been going around puckering his lips this week (just like it said in the book).

If you can't tell, I'm SOLD on Five in a Row. Not only have we learned a lot of things about geography, science, literature, and social studies, we have forever put the memory of this book in our minds. That is a gift.

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