Complete the Chain Review Game

I recently was reading a post over at Noggins & Nonsense. I love this blog and quite blatantly stole one of the ideas and used it last week. You can read all about the Complete the Chain Review Game on the site.

We read two very good books: Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution, and If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution. Both books get two thumbs up from my daughter and I. What do you expect, though, when they are part of a Sonlight package? I made a series of 15 cards to go along with our study of the US Constitution through these books.

I put the questions and answers on bright colored cards, which definitely inspired more excitement than plain white cards. I went through the chain one time with my daughter and have since timed her a few times while she completes the chain by herself. It's a great way for me to "assess" without a written test. We will definitely use this game across many subjects!
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