Multitude Monday #141-160

holy experience

It's the beginning of another week - and I welcome the opportunity to start it by counting some more of the things I am thankful for. Here goes #141-160:

141. Bleach - love that clean smell after I use it throughout the house!
142. rocking chairs
143. comfy, smushy pillows
144. unexpected catnaps
145. Diet Coke!
146. a quiet evening home alone
147. a quiet evening out with my husband
148. old friends
149. baseball games
150. a daughter who will hopefully always be there for me

151. friends in my life who have adopted and are getting ready to adopt - what a blessing to know and share in their stories!
152. Sushi
153. a good bottle of Riesling
154. Crayola crayons
155. brand new white socks
156. bright flowers

157. expecting the worst, but getting the best
158. the blessing of new friends
159. joke books
160. toothless children

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