The iPad and Homeschooling

I am in love with my iPad. I think everyone in the family is, to tell you the truth. One of the largest reasons we decided to get it was because it would be helpful with homeschooling. I'd like to share just a few ways we use the iPad in our homeschool.

1. Netflix - I cannot speak highly enough about Netflix. We can use the Netflix for iPad app and watch any of the "view instantly" titles. There are tons of great shows/series for kids on Netflix on demand:

"Liberty's Kids" Revolutionary War cartoon which used to be on PBS kids. Great.
Most of the Veggie Tales titles - something I will always let my kids watch
Tons of IMax movies - we watched one about the Incas last year which was excellent.
National Geographic series (we will be watching one about China soon)
A&E Biographies (George Washington is in our queue)

2. Geomaster - this is an awesome app which quizzes kids (and adults!) on states and capitals. I know there are countries and capitals as well. It flashes the state and its capital and then you have to find it on the map. If you miss, it shows you the correct answer and then moves on to the next state. It is amazing how quickly you can learn the capitals and locations of states. My five year old has done it from playing endlessly.

3. Math Drills - I really like this app because I can keep track of my children's scores (on both practice and tests) and it gives them a "speed" (in actual mph) for their drills. It is a great way to have them practice in the car or while we are waiting somewhere. You can completely customize which operations and the number variables, too.

4. Wikipedia - this is obviously for general reference. I can't tell you how many times we use it. My kids now as a matter of course will just say "look it up on the iPad, mom!".

5. Feedler RSS - ok, this is just for me. I like to keep track of the blogs I follow and not let my RSS feeds get out of control. I can use this on my iPhone or iPad and it allows me to get new ideas each and every day. Very cool.

I know there are literally thousands more apps out there which would be beneficial in our homeschool. Right now, however, I'm keeping it simple and enjoying what we have. The possibilities, however, are endless!

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