Friday Fun - Easy Paintings

I am NOT an artist. I don't have a clue how to teach art, so I freely admit I will outsource that part of our homeschooling adventure! We are blessed to have a fabulous art teacher in our area, where my children have taken classes. Last spring I posted about one of the great things Miss B was doing in art. I'm hoping to get both children into more art classes this fall.

I realize, however, that kids love art and I don't have to be a good (or knowledgeable) artist to let them experiment and have fun. I have gathered lots of art supplies and activity books to pull out on Fridays when we just want to have fun. Today I pulled out a couple of books that I picked up on sale at Michael's for $1.00! Can't beat that.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of shocked at how much the kids loved this simple activity. It was very easy for Miss B, but she took her time and did a really good job. She and I decided that we need to get a harder paint by number this weekend and make it a project! GMan did several pictures (much quicker than his sister because that's just his personality!). We talked about primary colors and secondary colors and listened to some Vivaldi while painting. It was quite a peaceful morning.

The Finished Paint By Number Masterpieces:

Girl in the Airplane, by GMan

Playful Puppies, by Miss B

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