Using Music Every Day in Our Homeschool - Pandora

Music sets a wonderful tone to our homeschool days. It can inspire us and many times soothe the savage beast! There is an easy way to listen to quality music for free whenever you would like. If you haven't heard of Pandora, you should check it out. It is streaming internet radio where you create your own stations. It is as simple as going to their website and creating a station - then Pandora will pull similar music for you and create a playlist. Voila! You have music coming through your computer whenever you want. I have Pandora on my iPad and iPhone (with Pandora mobile), so we listen at the kitchen table, in the schoolroom, in the car - wherever we are.

I generally type in a favorite composer. Here are a few of our favorite stations:

Antonio Vivaldi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
Louis Armstrong
Aaron Copland
George Winston
Third Day

You can also create a station by simply typing in a song you like. For example:

Ordinary Miracle (my daughter's favorite song!)
The Flower Duet
Ocean Floor
Friends are Friends Forever
The Rainbow Connection (cute station)

Pandora also has their own ready-made channels by genre and you can keep track of your favorite stations, or listen to others' favorites. The possibilities are endless.

Happy listening!

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