Multitude Monday #530-550

Such a peaceful, relaxing weekend.... maybe all of the laundry isn't folded, maybe the floors aren't spotless, but I've spent time with my family, my church family, and a good friend. I consider that a success! I love when Mondays roll around so I can list more things I am thankful for....

530. FOUR hours (count them... 1, 2, 3, 4!) spent chatting and knitting with my daughter and my good friend, Karen.
531. my sweet daughter reading her favorite Magic Treehouse books to her brother
532. Dollar stores!
533. our homeschool co-ops, and all of the friendships I am making with other like-minded moms
534. Chocolate Trinity Ice Cream, and secret texts sent over dinner with my husband planning to buy the ice cream so the kids wouldn't know!
535. our children's love affair with books.... it has been ongoing since they were babies!

536. Skype
537. a special friend to our whole family, "Fletch"
538. my daughter's piano teacher
539. vacations - our trip to S. Florida is on the calendar for February!
540. Sam's Club - opening this week near our house
541. my crockpot
542. a night out with my husband
543. the way the stars and clouds look when I take the dog out late at night - the world is so peaceful
544. football, and how happy my husband is watching these playoff games
545.Baseball season - starts in just a few weeks
546. people who let you get in front of them in traffic - and they even have a smile on their face!
547. NOT having to drive in traffic each day, and having the luxury to be at home away from the busyness
548. did I mention chocolate trinity ice cream? (oh yes, I did) -- well, my husband dishing up that ice cream RIGHT NOW
549. a quiet house
550. our fieldtrip to a local nature center tomorrow