Multitude Monday #551-570

So much to be done in the next two weeks. I've managed to avoid that "I think my head is going to spin off" feeling since last fall. Amazing, isn't it? Listing what I am grateful for this morning is a blessing which will help me put it all into perspective, I am sure.

What I am thankful for...

551. the Wii game - Just Dance - I may just play it today with my kids, even though it's a SCHOOL day!
552. a very quiet afternoon yesterday
553. my husband running the house for the whole weekend, which gave my brain a huge rest
554. my children's joy as they created their own Valentine's together last night
555. car vacs
556. finding change in the seats when using said car vac
557. my children's knowledge and understanding of the Bible - light years ahead of my husband and I at that age!
558. a horrible afternoon, that wound up actually being a huge blessing for my daughter and I
559. self control (well, sometimes!)
560. the funny things only kids can say
561. the house next door to ours (foreclosure) is under contract, and I'm pretty sure it is a young family with children
562. quiet, dark mornings with my six year old son - he's such a morning person
563. time to cook and bake - I enjoy doing them, but only when I have quiet time in the kitchen. I got that on Saturday and made a great recipe!
564. Benadryl and it's effect on itchy children
565. quiet time Saturday morning to learn new piano music, and actually practice for almost an hour
566. a sweet new piano student - it's been a few years since I had a beginner and they are so much fun!
567. my sweet little dog, Gizmo, and him curling up with me yesterday to take a nap

568. friends who are really like family - willing to care for my children
569. my new found hobby - knitting
570. time spent on Saturday at a great local knitting shop

Listing all of these things took my mind away from the "cares" of this week and brought me back to what is truly important. Perhaps I need to print the list and carry it in my pocket!

Have a wonderful week.