Notebooking in Our Homeschool

In veering off of the "curricular path" this year we have been making some wonderful new discoveries! One of those is notebooking - something I had stayed away from because we didn't have time for it because of our schedule and curriculum. Don't get me wrong - I am all for a schedule, but I'm starting to get more comfortable with designing our own curriculum and letting my children's interests dictate the way a bit more.

We've been keeping notebooks for the Ancients (Story of the World Volume 1), so we are getting our feet wet with notebooks for each subject. I like the structure of learning through notebooks. We read information and then sit down together with our pencils and crayons and begin to mark our maps, color pictures, narrate, etc....

I've blogged before about our study of the book Calico Bush. What a beautiful book, and the learning opportunities in this story are endless. Miss B is using the book for a literature fair, and we wanted to learn more about the state where it takes place, Maine. Enter notebooking. We found some beautiful notebooking pages through Notebooking Pages. It seems that if you want to learn about notebooking, then this is the place to go!

We took out our library books about Maine and sat down in the computer room to find any other information we needed. I gave Miss B the stack of notebooking pages and told her to use her nicest handwriting (I would help with spelling) and fill in the pages. She took such pride in this project! Once the writing was complete she went to get her favorite box of twistable crayons (we LOVE these!)

and started embellishing her pages.

She has several pages involving state history, industry, the flag, people, etc.... as she writes and colors she internalizes the information and has a beautiful product at the end. She is practicing her writing, research, and reading skills in the process.

In my humble opinion, this is much better than any pencil and paper test!

Right now, Notebooking Pages is having a birthday celebration!  A Lifetime Membership is just $50.  That is a GOOD deal!