Wednesday - Thinking About Food and Cooking (and What's for Dinner?) in 2011

Normally I post what is for dinner on Wednesdays in our house. Tonight my husband has a church meeting at 6:30 and can't make it home for dinner. Truthfully, he will grab something on the way home, and the kids and I will probably have a grilled cheese and fruit or some mac & cheese. It's just a lazy night at our house. Tomorrow will be the night when I cook a bigger dinner for all of us.

I've recently found (via The Homeschool Chick) a GREAT new blog - The Happy Housewife. It is an amazing collection of money saving tips, recipes, menu plans, homeschool plans, etc.... I have no idea how she has time to maintain this huge site, but it is so worth your time to visit! I love her recipes and menu ideas, and I hope to implement some of this in our home over the next several months.

The past few shopping trips I have saved an average of $25 each time - not too bad, considering I'm just getting into clipping coupons and visiting some coupon sites. My husband and I have seen that we waste a lot of money on groceries - and in an effort to save money we are trying to trim that part of our budget.

We've come to the realization that, even though my husband is gainfully employed and makes a good living, we will NEVER get ahead if we don't cut back in some areas. We want to be way ahead of the curve, and that entails being creative when you are a homeschooling mom. I'm preaching to the choir.

For today, check out The Happy Housewife, and I'll return to my regular Wednesday dinner posts next week!