Blogging as a "Subject" in Our Homeschool

Miss B

My kids watch my blog. They see me writing, taking pictures, and reading other blogs. When I told Miss B she could start her own blog she said, "Really?!?". She's been learning keyboarding through a fabulous little program, Typing Instructor for Kids. Last year she got the basics down by using a free online program, Dance Mat Typing. It was great! If you're wanting a good place to start with keyboarding, look no further.

Back to the blog. I told Miss B she had to be a fairly good typist to blog, or else she would get frustrated. And no, I would not type the posts for her! I sit with her and help her with formatting, adding pictures, etc... It's a great technology lesson. We use Google to search for images. We upload pictures from my iPhone. We make use of spellcheck! She told me she only wants to blog once a week because she wants it to be interesting and doesn't want readers to get bored by hearing too much from her. Is she a smart cookie or what?

She's done a couple of posts so far, so if you'd like to stop by and offer her some encouragement, I know she would love that. She asks me all the time if anyone new is following her blog or if anyone left her a "message".

I think she has a huge heart and I'm just so blessed to able to watch her blossom into a young lady. Take a peek at Miss B's Beautiful Blog!

Let me know if you have a child who blogs, and do you have any restrictions, rules, etc....? I'm curious about kids in the blogosphere.