Knowing My Limits

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I love the photo above... it speaks to me of possibility and what lies ahead.  It speaks to me of expectations.  

I've spent the better part of the past two weeks DEVOURING the third edition of Educating The WholeHearted Child, by Sally and Clay Clarkson.   This book, along with several other situations have been slowly changing my attitude about home education and just LIFE in general.

A section that spoke to me over the weekend was "KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES".... the Clarksons give five things the home educating mother can limit.   I love these, and each one spoke to me LOUD and CLEAR.    

I'm going to share one with you every few days for the next couple of weeks.  If you feel like these speak to you, please chime in and discuss with me.   This is something very impromptu... I just wanted to get some thoughts out as they have been so powerful to me recently.

Limit Your Expectations

Quite simply, the books says - "Your priorities now revolve around doing everything you can to raise wholehearted Christian children.  Your expectations about life must change accordingly." (p. 287)  Wow.  My expectations have changed dramatically over the past two years, and will continue to change.  

My house is no longer pristine.  My closet isn't packed with beautiful clothes.  My husband and I don't know about the best restaurants in town.  My days aren't full with going to the gym and meeting friends for lunch, or pursuing the career in which I have an advanced degree!  My free time can no longer be spent surfing the web, scrapbooking, or pursuing selfish interests.    Notice how I keep using the word "my"?   I cringe as I type this.   

Had I been a home educator from the beginning, I don't think this be quite so hard for me.   I had several years with my children in school... and before that I had a good ten years of adult life before I had children.   Why do I feel like I am just now (at the age of 39 - soon to be 40 in 3 weeks!) I am truly understanding what it means to sacrifice myself for my family?

I feel God at work in me and I am grateful.   He is helping me to limit my expectations and to be CONTENT in the process.    

Much to think about...