Finding Your "Tribe" Online

This week's topic at Three Thinking Mothers is "Finding Your Tribe".  I loved Jess' post  about her tribe.   I am blessed with a wonderful support group of moms through our co-op and church.  I actually have more friends now than I did when I wasn't homeschooling!   
Today, however, I'm going to approach the subject of finding your tribe from an ONLINE perspective.  Do you consider yourself part of a "tribe" online... or do you feel solitary in your online endeavors?  
I've been blogging for two years... on Twitter for a little longer than that, and on Facebook for a lot longer than that.  I joined Google+ a few months ago, and I'm also discovering this is a great community, too.

I don't claim to be an expert on any matters related to blogging, but I do think I have some experience with interacting online through blog and social media. 

 The whole process of finding my tribe has been very interesting.  After hundreds of blog posts, thousands of tweets, twitter parties, reviews, etc... I think I've found my tribe.   And guess what?   None of the people in my tribe are friends I gained through all of my "trying".... 

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